My friend and Mercury 1089 alum, Riley Branstrom, is missing. He’s been missing since Monday, May 6th, and was last seen in Freehold, NJ. Keep an eye out for a 5’11″, brown eyes, brown haired 18 year-old, most likely wearing glasses.

If you have any information about Riley, please call the number above or the East Windsor Police Department at (609) 448-5678.

Riley is one of those people that brings life and happiness into the room when he walks in. He’s a great designer, a wonderful collaborator, and was a huge asset to our FIRST Robotics team for many years. 

Please share this post and help us find our friend!

We love you Riley, and hope wherever you are you’re safe. 

Please reblog/retweet/share/cry with us and help find our friend.

Facebook: Help Find Riley
Twitter: Help Find Riley #findRiley #RileyComeHome
Chief Delphi: Help Find Riley
Reddit: Help Find Riley

UPDATE (5/9): Riley’s family has contacted us to notify everyone that Riley’s truck has been located at the Princeton Junction train station. This gives us renewed hope that he may be safe. Please continue to look out for him, and keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE (5/10): It is with a heavy heart and regret that we inform you that police believe that they have identified the body of Riley Branstrom. For details, please see this article.

When Riley was a student, he was both the head of our Media and Digital Design committees and our team’s human player. After graduation, he continued to be active in FIRST as an FRC and FTC volunteer. He brought spirit and excitement to our team and competition, and was often seen sporting a faux mustache and silver sequin fedora “just because.”

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who shared his photo, and helped us in the search to find him. We would like to extend our deepest and most sincere sympathies to the Branstrom family, and to all of those who, like us, considered him a friend. Once again we thank everyone for their concern, thoughts, and prayers. He will be sorely missed.

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